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Car not Starting? Here are 5 Possible Reasons Why

It’s not always easy to figure out why your automobile won’t start. A lot of things go unaddressed in society. We’ll be focusing more on how a locksmith can assist you when your automobile doesn’t start. The ignition cylinders or the keys themselves might be the problem. If your automobile doesn’t start, there are many possible causes. The battery in your automobile may be dead. A Vapor lock might be the cause of your engine’s problems. For the time being, we’ll concentrate on some of the less obvious causes of a stalled automobile engine. If you’re encountering any of these problems, a Dubai locksmith can assist.

A Dead Battery in the Key Fob

More and more customers report problems with keyless start systems when they click the ignition button, and the car won’t start. This is most likely just a problem with the battery. You probably won’t need a locksmith if the problem is as basic as a dead battery on your key fob. Changing the battery in your remote control is a less invasive option than swapping out your key fob. In the absence of a spare key or the ability to purchase a new battery, finding a replacement will be difficult.

A typical battery stockpile is unlikely to have the specific sort of battery your key fob requires. The size and voltage of automobile key fob batteries vary from maker to manufacturer because they aren’t found in many items. If you cannot walk to a store that has non-standard batteries, you may need to contact for assistance. Having a keyless ignition means you’re less likely to run across problems diagnosing this problem.

Invalid Signaling

If you replace the battery in some automobile models, all the keys in the car will no longer work. When you create new keys, you may potentially have problems. Aftermarket electronic automobile keys pose a risk in this regard. It is also possible for transponder chips & electronic keys to get broken without any obvious indication that the keys should not operate. If you recently purchased a new automobile key, you may not have realized that you would need to get the key programmed. As a result, your car key may not be able to communicate with the vehicle’s internal computer or transmitter.

Identifying the ideal Dubai locksmith is the only way to resolve these concerns. Choosing a locksmith in Dubai that specializes in automotive locksmithing is the best option. For this, they need programming and key-cutting machines, along with a means of accessing your car’s diagnostic port. Duplicating a set of automobile keys may not be sufficient for your purposes.

Ignition Cylinder Problems

Whether your automobile won’t start, try to see whether the key operates in the door locks instead of the ignition cylinder.  It is possible that the ignition cylinder is worn out if your key works in the door locks but not in the ignition, and you know there is no problem with the ignition switch. If the automobile has had a lot of keys and is old, you may need to replace the ignition cylinder. While the cylinder is more likely to wear out than the key is likely to wear out, the cylinder can wear out. Rekeying your car’s ignition may allow you to save your current ignition cylinder. As a result of these measures, the expenses associated with changing door lock cylinders and programming new keys will be reduced significantly.

A Worn Car Key

One possible cause of a non-functioning automobile key is that the key is not physically placed into the ignition cylinder. Your car key is likely to lose its functionality throughout its existence due to the nature of motor vehicles. It’s not something that most people think about when their car won’t start. Without a seldom-used backup key, it’s tough to figure out what’s wrong—another good reason to keep an extra set of keys in the car.

If you have a spare key, you may enter it into the ignition and test whether the car will startup. If you try to start the car with a spare key that hasn’t been used in a while and still won’t work, you can rule out the possibility that the worn key is to blame. If you don’t have a spare key, you can use your key to open the door or trunk. You may find yourself locked out of your automobile if you lock all your vehicle’s doors before doing this.

Ignition Switch Issues

If your automobile doesn’t start, check for issues with the ignition switch. This might appear to be a problem with the battery of the automobile. Whether your car won’t start, use your headlights to determine if the problem is with your ignition switch. This can save you a lot of time and money. Headlights can be activated even if the car is not running, or the keys are not in the ignition. If these lights are on, but the dash lights are not, the battery is in good health. You may require a new ignition switch, or there may be a problem with the wiring that has to be addressed if your vehicle will not start.

Conclusion: Call a Locksmith in Dubai

If a car doesn’t start, there are several possible causes. After reading this article, you have a better idea of what you need to investigate to fix your problem and return to driving. Start with some simple troubleshooting. Then, check into any specific problems you may be having. Call a locksmith in Dubai if you’re experiencing issues with your car key or ignition. Moreover, if you need assistance in determining the problem, you might consult a local Dubai locksmith. Don’t give up until you can start your automobile again, so make sure you investigate every possibility.


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