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Best types of Background Checks in Australia

For any organization to achieve its goals and objectives there has to be a workforce made up of highly competent employees. Only when a work environment is safe and competitive can an organization’s culture flourish as intended. For this to be possible, the screening process at the time of hiring new employees into the organization must be extremely thorough so that only the right people make it through to the other side. To ensure that no stone is left unturned in your efforts to find the best possible candidate for the job, background checks can prove to be very useful.

What are background checks?

Background checks are quite self-explanatory, they exactly what they sound like; at the time of hiring new employees for the organization, employers look into the various histories of the candidate and check the validation of the information they provide by verifying with credible sources. These sources include academic institutions, past employers, a national police certificate and court checks, etc. The types of background checks used by employers vary from organization to organization; from job to job. Information that one employer is primarily focused on may be entirely unnecessary for another because they may deem it to be irrelevant to the nature of work the candidate will be doing. The most commonly used types of background investigations into the past of applicants include work and study check, criminal record check, credit history check, license record check, etc. The type of check you decide to run is entirely up to you as the employer.

Types of background checks available in Australia

Some of the types of background checks used include:

Skill, Experience, and Qualification Verification

Verify academic and work history from institutions and past employers

Reference Check
Check in with the references on the CV or resume of the applicant.

Industry Employment Verification
Check if the applicant was fired from a previous place of work for misconduct.

Australian Police Check

A national police check by an accredited Australian agency using the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s database.

Financial Background Check

Check the credit history of the applicant and see if they have ever filed for bankruptcy.

Identity/Work Check

Verify the identity of the applicant using the National Document Verification Service (DVS) to match the provided information by the applicant.

Court Check

Run names through online databases for all available cases, orders and decisions selected information from the Federal Court of Australia and Supreme Courts.

Watch Lists and Media Check

Check over 1,600 international government watch lists to ensure the candidate has not been barred or given censures.

Driving History Check

Check driving records of a specific state by running names to find information like the current status of their driver’s license and may also uncover driving offenses.

Employment Medical Assessments

Check for medical history, height, weight, BMI, eyesight, cardiovascular system (blood pressure), respiratory system, musculoskeletal, eyes, ears and throat, and neurological functions.
In terms of the question, which type of background check is the best one, there is no one right answer. It comes down to the nature of the job. For instance, if the job requires applicants to work with vulnerable people, your priority as an employer should be to run a criminal record investigation to make sure the candidate does not pose a threat to the safety of the people whom they are supposed to be taking care of. Similarly, if you own a trucking company, and are hiring truck drivers, your primary focus will be a driving history check to make sure their licenses are valid and they do not have a history of DUIs and the likes. The type of background check you use is ultimately up to you.


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