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Benefits Of Having A House Veranda

A glass veranda is an open-air or covered area connected to a house where people may rest. Glass verandas are a fantastic way to take in the fresh air and landscape with family and friends. Imagine opening the door to an infinite number of possibilities. With our one-of-a-kind designs that extend into nature, The Open Space Concepts can help you create an intimate outdoor living space for all four seasons. With professional installation, we raise not only a structure’s aesthetic appeal but also its resilience to harsh weather!

  1. Increase In Living Space

A veranda may provide additional living space to enjoy year-round, especially if heaters and lighting enhance the outdoor environment.


  1. Protection From The Elements

Our verandas may be enjoyed regardless of the weather, allowing you to take advantage of the outdoor area even if it is pouring.


  1. Additional Residential Storage

Our Verandas with patio awnings are also a useful solution for storing outside items and furniture prone to damage.


  1. Increased Property Value

If you ever decide to sell your property, installing a high-quality Alfresco structure will boost its value.


  1. Permit Free Flow

Having a Veranda installed at your home may allow for unhindered mobility about the house in inclement weather, such as when bringing the garbage and recycling out.


  1. Extend Party Length

Summer is particularly popular for outdoor events, but the British climate is notoriously unpredictable. Installing a veranda will allow you to have a party without worrying about the weather since you and your guests will be sheltered and shaded all year.


  1. Keep Home Carpets & Flooring Clean

Verandas can be useful when it is raining and muddy outside, and you must wear boots; remove your boots before entering the house to protect the flooring. Additionally, it is a great location to exercise or dry your pets, preventing them from dragging dirt inside.


  1. Protection Against UV Radiation

Throughout the warmer months, you, your visitors, and your pets will be protected by the verandas’ UV-filtering roofing, as we constantly remind our clients.


  1. Pleasure For Romantic Stargazers

The verandas’ glass roofs make it easy to see the stars at night, making them perfect for a romantic supper under the stars.


  1. Encourage Birdwatching

If you are a keen bird watcher, you will no longer have to stay inside to see them, as the veranda’s safety and protection will allow you to enjoy bird watching throughout the year.


  1. Prolong Timber Decking

Adding a veranda over existing wooden decking patio areas will boost the wood’s durability, requiring less maintenance and extending the patio’s life.


  1. Craft Time

This activity can be enjoyed throughout the year because you are protected from unexpected downpours and UV rays.


  1. Work At Home Outside

A rising number of people work from home, either part-time or full-time, each year. You may set up your laptop or iPad and work freely outside while enjoying the fresh air on your porch, regardless of the weather.


  1. Keep On Gardening

A veranda may extend the growing season for keen gardeners regardless of the weather, enabling them to enjoy the outdoors while sowing new seeds and repotting plants.


  1. Tranquillity Of Mind

Since all of our Verandas are guaranteed, you obtain a reliable and long-lasting product.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, and we would be happy to explore the options with you.



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