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Beginners Guide: How to Use Encrypted Messaging Services like a Pro

It is without a doubt that sending online messages is insecure. There is an all-time risk of cyber-attacks by criminals who target corporate or individuals who send confidential messages online. However, using online is still the most efficient and cost-effective, since you will send your message instantly for a small fee or free. So, how do you send the message without it falling into the wrong hands? You can use encrypted message services, and here is how to do it like a pro.  

Choosing the Platform

The secret to properly and safely using these encrypted messaging services is choosing a reputable one like private note. Such service providers go a long way in ensuring that your message is safe by using industry-standard encryption to protect your messages. Additionally, the platforms don’t save the message you type, hence no chance of falling into the wrong hands. On top of that, they are easy to use without needing to set up an account. 

However, you must carefully choose the service provider. Ensure that the domain is correct. Cybercriminals have come up with ingenious ways to lure unsuspecting users through phishing. Additionally, you should protect your device to avoid unauthorized access and subsequent sending of messages to your recipients. 

Typing and Sending your Message 

To send a message, you will open the platform and type it, then the platform will generate a link. You will send this link to your recipient or the number of people you want to receive the message. Since the link self-destructs after a while, you must set the number of recipients, and intervals is meant for more than one person. To do that, you will search where to set the time interval for the note’s removal and how many times the note can be opened. It will be best to inform your recipient of the message to reach your intended targets. 

Setting Time for Self Destruction

The message sitting around for a long time leads to unauthorized access. So, to avoid that, it would be best to set the time for self-destruction. This setting prevents an unintended party from copying the message or taking a screenshot and using it in any way later. To get the setting, you will search for a tab that leads you to where you can change the settings. It would be best to set a short time but alert your recipient to avoid miscommunication. 

Undoing a Wrong Recipient’s Address Mistake

You can make a mistake when typing your recipients’ addresses. Fortunately, there is a way to undo this mistake before the wrong recipient receives the link containing your confidential message. You will copy and paste the link into a new tab to open it, destroying the link you sent to the wrong recipient. Note that you can avoid this misfortune by setting a password that decrypts the message. In doing so, your message will be safe even if you send it to the wrong recipient. 

Sending confidential messages online is increasingly becoming risky due to the rise in cyber-attacks. Fortunately, encrypted messaging services like privnote enable you to send messages safely. Using the information you have read here to send your message on these platforms like a pro would be best. 


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