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Balancing Between Your Masculine and Feminine Energy Qualities

Binaries can be found everywhere in nature whether the sun and the moon, day and night, dark and light, breathe in and breathe out. They are essential to the existence of the other. There is no day without night, and there can be no emission of air without inhalation. These apparent opposites impact our lives.

You act, feel, and think following the cultural expectations and standards that revolve around these dichotomies. To live a harmonious life requires that you become aware of the imbalances and comprehend the various values you place on each of these contrasting qualities. The same is applied to male and female qualities, which is again a combination of energies.

However, at times people dilute their leadership energy and end up losing qualities that made them attractive to their partner. For instance, a man who retreats from his inherent male energy could simply become a people-pleaser in a bad marriage.

Steffos is the best men’s relationship coach in Toronto who helps men to rekindle the passion in their relationships helping them to either restore their marriages or attract their dream woman. Steffos, the founder of the Tantrik Academy hosts an online mentorship program, The Tantric Man Experience realizing men their masculine strength and intimate power helping them to deeply connect with themselves and their partners.

The Academy emphasizes on masculine vs feminine energy quiz which makes you understand how to reverse polarity that may be affecting your life so that you can identify your dominant energy, understand the feminine sexual desires and concentrate on addressing relationship issues.

Masculine and feminine energies

Masculine energy is action-oriented while feminine energy is more about being and creative instinct. According to the tantric world, feminine energy is associated with the moon, cooling qualities, white color, the element of water, and insightful processes.

Masculine energy is associated with the sun, heat, red color, the element of fire, wisdom, and intelligence.

Logic, force, science, uniformity, straight, and raw beauty are all characteristics of men. Intuitive, still, round, no movement, womblike, creative, nurturing, and beautiful in the broad sense are among the characteristics of the feminine.

We all have both masculine and feminine qualities imbibed in ourselves. These attributes can either be balanced or poorly integrated.

Balancing between masculine and feminine energy

Males have unconscious feminine qualities known as anima while females have unconscious masculine qualities called animus. As with all the obvious contradictions in life, finding a balance between both is essential.

Consider the aspects of masculine and feminine that resonate with your essence and experiences. Imbalances may occur when you prioritize or value one kind of this spiritual energy over the other.

Therefore, you need to portray the best version of yourself by balancing the various energies within you.

Considering masculine and feminine energies have a great impact on our lives. As you balance these energies, you move towards good health, harmony, good relationships, and freedom for all beings.

Look for ways to balance your masculine and feminine energies through a relationship expert as he will connect you with intuition and creativity while inviting more serenity and sexual pleasure into your life.



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