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Anklets for summer

In the summer months, we can really showcase our favorite jewellery, with more skin on the show we can express our style through the jewelry pieces we wear. Anklets are becoming increasingly more popular and are a stunning addition to a summer outfit with their delicate style. We have a beautiful selection of anklets from some of your favorite brands available to purchase here at T. H. Baker.

Traced back to the 5th millennium BC is the earliest known sighting of the anklet. As part of a decoration of a Buddhist monument dated between the 4th and 5th century BC from the Greek or Hellenistic period, the woman is dressed in robes with her hand placed on her hip with both ankles clad in anklets.

According to ancient India, married women would wear anklets adorned with charms. This would help the men hear them coming and give them the opportunity to stop talking about anything disrespectful in front of them. There are many different associations to the anklet but that are just a few connections throughout history.

The anklet has appeared many times during ancient history, normally associated with social status. However as time has moved forward, even though there are still associations with hidden meanings to the anklet, they are mainly now worn as a fashion statement.

There are many associations with wearing your anklet on certain ankles, although most people do not pay attention to what it may or may not mean. According to tradition if you wear your anklet on your right ankle it may signify that you are in an exclusive relationship. As you may have already guessed, wearing your anklet on the left ankle means the exact opposite of the right. The wearing on the left is known to signify that you are single and happy to mingle.

Forgetting old tales and symbols, anklets make a stunning addition to any summer outfit. They are delicate and can be minimal or even bright and bold but due to their simplicity, they are always a beautiful addition to an outfit. Style it any way you want to, casual with flip flops or elegant with high heels, anklets are a perfect way of bringing a little glamour to the lower half of your outfit.

We also stock a stunning selection of second-hand anklets available here at T. H. Baker, with alternative types of chains and styles. Second-hand items can be more unique and one of a kind making each piece available even more exciting. To find your perfect unique anklet shop the second-hand anklet collection here at T. H. Baker.

Here at T. H. Baker we have a brilliant selection of anklets to choose from. With many of the anklets available in both Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver, there is sure to be something to match your style. If you’re after something you know you will love then you can shop anklets from your favorite brands such as, ChloBo, Daisy London, THOMAS SABO, and more. Shop the anklet collection here at T. H. Baker and find your perfect anklet.


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