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Advice For Keeping Your Glasses In Top Condition

Your eyeglasses and sunglasses are important accessories, and as such, you ought to pay them the same kind of attention that you normally do to your significant other, to the car you drive, or to the jacket that is your go-to choice.

Eyeglasses are near your skin, they go through the same challenges and perils that you do in the urban jungle, and towards the end of the day, they deserve the equivalent of a long, hot shower just like you do. Additionally, if you take proper care of your eyewear and maintain it so that it is in excellent shape, you won’t have to replace it within the next year or two. Today this article will provide you with some of the many tips to keep your eyewear in good condition; keep reading to know more.

  1. Make Sure You Don’t Lose Them

Let’s begin with a scenario that’s all too common: you get home, obviously exhausted and frazzled, and you take off your glasses and set them down on the entryway table, on the bed, or perhaps next to the sink. For nearsighted persons, this marks the beginning of an adventure akin to that of Indiana Jones in the search for their misplaced eyewear, which, in the meantime, runs the risk of being scratched, twisted, or even sat upon.

The answer is to form the routine habit of always putting your glasses away in the same location and using the same procedure. There are many different Glasses wardrobe ideas accessible on the internet that you may refer to keep your glasses stored securely. The best option is to store them in their hard-shell case, but you also have other options.

  1. Cleaning With Dry Air

During the day, dust, smog, and sweat, in addition to the occasional fingerprint, will contaminate your eyeglasses, making them look unclean.

Put away your paper towels, napkins, and shirttails if you want them to continue looking wonderful and clean. It is vital to “dry clean” the lenses and the areas of the frame that get in contact with your skin frequently. This can be accomplished by using a lint-free microfiber cloth, which is typically included with the eyeglasses but can also be purchased at most optical stores.

  1. Scrub Them Clean

If the lenses are especially grimy, your eyeglasses will need to be washed thoroughly using a light stream of lukewarm water and a liquid soap that is unscented and does not include any oil. Make sure that the lenses and the frame are thoroughly rinsed, and then dry the lenses and the frame with care using a clean, soft cloth.

You also have the option of utilizing a lens cleaning spray for eyeglasses, which can typically be obtained from a pharmacy or any one of the majority of optical establishments.

  1. Always Work With Both Hands

In movies, if a character removes their spectacles with one hand, the audience is immediately alerted that something exciting or dramatic is about to take place. Regrettably, this is something that only works well in Hollywood.

This famous action may, in regular life, eventually cause the screws to loosen or cause the frame of the spectacles to become misaligned. You should always use both hands when putting on or removing your spectacles. You should take your glasses to the nearest optical store to get them adjusted if they fall off your nose or feel as though they are pressing too tightly.

  1. Ensure Appropriate Storage

When you’re in a rush, it’s far simpler to keep your glasses on your head even when you’re not wearing them, toss them in your backpack, or even just leave them in the glove compartment of your car.

However, if you continue in this manner, your eyeglasses will not have a long life. It is recommended that you keep them in a glasses case when they are not being used, as this will shield them from dirt and other potential hazards.


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