A Few Top Chandelier Designs Available on the Market

For any home interiors, showcasing a symmetrical design with clear lines, a rectangular chandelier can be a spectacular and attractive piece of lighting. It can offer widespread light and makes the room look wider or longer by erecting a rectangular chandelier.

If you further play with geometry and shapes, then you can further add a touch of modernity to the aesthetics of your home. For all kinds of home interiors, a rectangular chandelier will feature a breathtaking appearance and will be a great choice for drawing your eyes upward.

Let us discuss here a few Chandeliers offered by Sofary, which is one of the well-known companies in the USA dealing with Chandeliers.

  1. Crystal rectangular chandelier

If you want to install a vintage chandelier design in your home, then this can be the perfect option for you. This piece will be made of crystals and glass and instantly offer a luxurious feel to it.

The chandelier will be massive in size and will look decent only in huge lobbies or drawing rooms or even hotels.

  1. Modern dining room lighting

Earlier, a clear distinction existed between a living room and a kitchen. However, now, there are open kitchens that can mildly dissolve into your living room.

This design of chandelier design may look old but is very popular mostly in farmhouses and the hills. If you want to build a house in the hills, then this design will look great in the dining room.

  1. Wooden chandelier design

If you want a chandelier design for any small corner of the home, or one that is not a centerpiece, go for this one. Not only it has a minimal design, but the dark woodwork and also the gold and black light structure are a perfect color combination.

  1. Chandelier design with bulb

It appears complex in its structure however, bulbs and metallic structure stick. This piece will not only look great above your dining table, but also adds a bit of fun feel to it.

As you know, it is vital to be ecologically responsible – so select LED bulbs for your piece.

  1. Oyster shell strings chandelier

The modern rectangular chandelier’s chrome finish brings life to the bedroom and is adorned with real oyster shells.

The chandelier features a variety of oyster shell strings and a sheer rectangular cloth shade on top.

The fabric shade’s hanging oyster shell strings give the space a fun touch and subtle grace.

  1. The oil-rubbed bronze finish chandelier

Above the kitchen dining table, a rectangular chandelier draws attention and adds a lot of texture. Along the rectangular metal frame, eight bulbs are symmetrically positioned and enclosed in transparent glass shades.

The frame has an oil-rubbed bronze finish and is suspended by four iron rods that project upward in the form of a pyramid.

Chandeliers are always considered to be decorative pieces that are used in any room of your house. This is because now there are several chandelier design options available on the market.

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