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8 ways to build your business in app development Australia

Apps are mobile based technology businesses with the potential to impact millions of people worldwide and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. It takes time, skill and expertise to develop an app – and this doesn’t come cheap.

Here are the steps on how to create a successful app

1. Build a strategy

Before you create your app, you need to have a strategy about it. Forget about what your app should look like. First things first: you need to create a strategy around it: why are you creating this app? Who will use it? What features will the app have? How can you combine all these features in an app that people will use?

2. Value

The true value of an app lies in the problems that it solves for its users and customers. In order to build a successful app, you need to know how it will help your clients. Successful apps provide answers and solutions to a problem so acerb that customers are willing to pay their hard earned money if the app can solve it.

3. Design is important!

Knowing your target audience and creating an app that meets their needs is critical to success. It doesn’t just have to look good; it must also be intuitive. If you don’t follow this basic principle, then you’re guaranteed failure.

It’s very important for your app to look as good as it works. There are millions of apps on the market, so your app needs to stand out from others. We understand this, but most businesses don’t consider the design element enough when building an app. In fact, they often forget how important it is!

4. Scalability

The feedback you get from your customers is very important. People are telling you where they are struggling and what they would like to improve. When we leverage customer feedback, it will help us improve our apps so that we can make them better for our customers.

It is absolutely essential to keep the customers happy. Customers are the fuel of your business and their feedback is very important when trying to improve your app.

5. Built-In Virality

Have you ever wondered how apps like WhatsApp, SnapChat and Instagram are so successful? They are all the result of a great user experience, which leads to attracting a lot of users. One way of attracting new customers is by having a mechanism which allows users to invite their friends.

A successful app must have a mechanism for new users to invite their friends to use it too. In fact, this is one of the most effective ways to get more users using your app.

6. Android & iOS friendly

You may be able to develop your app for both iOS and Android, but if you’re just starting out we recommend developing for iOS first. Although apps were first available on iOS, more than 50% of people in Australia have Android smartphones, so your app has to be available on both systems. Nonetheless, start with iOS, as it was proven to bring more revenue to businesses than Android.

7. Reach

Now that you have created your app, in order to make it successful you need to consider how to overcome your competition and determine users to purchase your app to the detriment of others. Remember: “Every great product needs a user base who are willing to buy it”.

8. Product Description

Videos are another piece of compelling content that can help you reach your target audience. A video is more likely than a written article or text to get people’s attention, and it can be shared among their friends, who can also be potential customers.

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