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8 Types of Videos Content for Influencers To Post on Social Media

Video contents are readily available on various social media platforms. The domination of images on social media is almost over, and users prefer to get engaged with quality video content. It is not surprising that videos can immediately catch the audience’s attention compared to the image. If the video is made with an accurate proportion of entertainment, information, and creativity, that will indeed engage thousands of audiences. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allow the video content to spread over their platforms.

Video content can drive tons of engagement on social media and help gain the brand’s visibility on these platforms. Since influencers have a unique role in video marketing, they have to know which type of video content their followers or audience would appreciate. Here is a list of the types of video content that the influencers should use to post on social media platforms.

  1. Tutorials and How-to videos

Everyone will agree on one thing; videos are the best thing to get inside any topic or product. They provide much better clarity regarding the product or service. For instance, a detailed video on how to peel an apple is easy to process and understand thoroughly compared to going through an article explaining the steps.

According to a study, 59% of the consumers are looking for social media posts that educate them about something. In such a context, posting tutorials and how-to videos by the influencers would be a great choice to engage the maximum audience within a few hours.

Since the video will be made for social media, you should keep them short, so there is no fear of losing attention from the people. So, you have to make things perfect using the right kind of short video that is both entertaining and informative

  1. Product demo videos

Social media influencers have the power to influence people’s decision-making process. Since they enjoy a massive base of followers, it is good for them to choose quality videos that can thoroughly provide information regarding a particular product or service. Instead of posting product images, it is best to go for short videos that can explain the products thoroughly.

Product demo videos are the right choice for influencers to post on social media. These videos show details regarding the particular product. These videos require proper editing skills and the right kind of information that attracts the audience’s attention. This is why quality video makers are being used to produce such videos. Or you can also use the video editing tool which has tons of templates with music, effects, excellent transitions to add etc. to make the video look more professional. Since they are informal social media videos, they should be more authentic than the commercial videos, which can seem more polished and promotional in the eyes of the consumers.

  1. User-generated video

Since social media videos are very impactful, why not create them? The answer is that they are time-consuming and tricky to create. This is not all about capturing videos randomly and combining them in the frames to make a video, but the editor has to thoroughly get into the topic, examine the audience’s psychology, and make the video according to them. Since influencers have a huge responsibility to entertain and educate the audience, it is crucial to maintain the quality of the video.

This is a recommendation not to constantly post brand-created videos; instead, influencers can ask their loyal fans to generate videos by themselves and post them from the influencer’s account. In this way, the trust and relationship between the customers and the brand will be enhanced.

  1.  Announcements and reveals

Social media is an excellent platform to introduce or update the fans with the new products and features from the brand. Almost everyone wants to watch fresh content, and they eagerly wait for the new launching of products or adding features to the existing products. So, it is a great way to engage with the audience with the help of making videos on new launches or making any announcements. Rather than making a generic announcement, you could keep things interesting and engaging by using quality video editing techniques rather than making a generic announcement. You can add fun colors, fonts, emojis, and a creative twist to the video. Ensure that the video showcases the product features that can educate the audience

  1. Behind-the-scenes videos

Behind-the-scenes videos are authentic and engaging. These videos reveal the story behind the brand and the product. In these videos, staff members express their struggle and how they have achieved the feat. These videos are best to showcase the company culture that maximum customers are interested in, and you can also include the company tours in the behind-the-scenes videos. Before publishing this kind of video, influencers can make Instagram Reels let their followers know that a full-fledged video is on the way, and to create short videos you can use the video editor that can be polished thoroughly to impress the audience.

  1.  Interview and Q&A videos

If you want to engage the audience, the influencers should post-interview videos of the industry leaders and showcase their endorsement of the product. Industry leaders and interview videos of team members and existing customers also positively impact the audience and drive more leads for the business.

Apart from interviewing other people, create a solo Q&A session and answer the questions asked by the audience regarding that product. These Q&A session videos can be either live-streamed or pre-recorded. In this way, the influencer will get connected with the maximum audience, and it will be easy for him to promote the product or service in a live session.

  1.  Event videos

No one wants to miss any lavish events. Since most brands indulge in video marketing, they must arrange various events to showcase new products or any other product features and post those videos on social media. Since influencers have a massive number of followers, a single event video can make them aware instantly. Live event videos are best to post, and they can attract maximum attention even from a random audience. So, never miss the chance to post-event videos on an influencer’s account.

  1. Videos on special offers and deals

Not everyone likes to watch product feature videos every time. They need something exciting regarding the product and making a video on special offers and deals would be appreciated. These types of videos would let the audience know about the new offer they will grab after purchasing the particular product. These videos drive more sales.


Influencers play a crucial role in promoting brands on social media. Posting quality videos on their accounts will give special millage to the video marketing campaign on social media.


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