7 best sites to learn more about AI

AI or artificial intelligence is capable of making the right choices independently. It can also drive the cars without depending upon human drivers, guide the surgeons’ devices during complex surgeries and offer the doctors the reliable information about their remotely located patients in the real time. There are dozens of other ways in which AI helps society in a positive manner. However, the underlying technology behind AI still remains a mystery, especially for the general public. Thanks to various online resources like blogs, courses, forums, and other platforms, today it is possible for the AI enthusiasts to learn more about the technology and even to earn a certificate that can help them land a decent job or start their own ventures successfully. So, we have compiled a list of best online resources that you can visit today and start gaining more insight or even learning technical details to build your own AI application. Here is the entire list of 7 best online platforms for learning AI:



The blog is run by the reputed Massachusetts Institute of technology and is specifically developed to deliver the high quality learning material with a clear objective of apprising the general public about the new development in the field of AI, latest AI trends and diverse ways of utilizing AI in the real-life situations in key sectors of the society.

  • One of the core areas of the blog is broadcasting the latest achievements and highlights their organization personnel and students.
  • If you want to familiarize yourself with the AI concepts in a diverse, engaging ecosystem then this is the best blog to follow.



One of the major areas where AI has already started delivering the best professional benefits is chatbot. However, many AI enthusiasts generally wonder about how exactly the chatbots work and what are the various underlying applications that make them so smart. If you are also among them then chatbot magazine is the best blog for you.

  • It covers in-depth information about chatbots that is presented in an appealing format suitable for both beginners as well as advanced learners.
  • The best things about this blog is that it explores the diverse aspects of chatbots like how exactly they work, how does the NLP (natural language processing) function and the various tasks you can make them do.
  • Besides, there is good information on AI and NLP too for the people who want to further explore these fields.

Google’s research blog

If you are AI enthusiasts who prefer to learn from the real-life cases by the authorized names then Google’s research blog would certainly appal to you. This blog talks about the latest challenges in computer science and other associated sectors and how can AI help to mitigate or eradicate those challenges.

  • The best thing about this blog is that it covers topics on deep research work that is presented in an informative yet appealing language.
  • You can also find the upcoming and previous research events on this blog.


The Liveedu.tv is another good resource to learn more about AI. You can go to the learn page to know more about AI and its applications. For more detailed information you can go to the premium projects sections of the site.

  • The interactive and engaging presentation on various aspects of AI found on this site will help you learn the technology without going through any complicated time consuming or lengthy procedures.
  • Besides, the flexible learning ecosystem also allows you to employ the best learning approach to suit your objectives and fundamental strengths.

AI Trends

The AI trends not only tells you about the latest trends in the field of AI but also delivers good insights into the business ecosystem and investment opportunities. The blog gets a really good traffic so with some efforts you can also connect with a smart community to further hone your skills.

  • As a beginner, you would also get benefited by the wide variety of learning resources like whitepapers, webinars, and research papers.
  • Especially if you would love to start learning about AI while at the same time exploring the wider commercial opportunities in the AI field then it is the blog that you would certainly like to explore.

Andrew NG’s Free AI Course on Coursera

As the former chief scientist of Baidu, Ande NG enjoys the professional edge while his academic career at Stanford as a Professor enriches him with the best education imparting skills. The best thing, however, is that he is an acclaimed personality in the AI industry who also is the co-founder of Coursera.

  • Andere NG’s free online AI course offers high-quality knowledge content with an objective to develop the professional skills of the learners by helping them to apply AI in the practical ecosystems.
  • Besides the fact that is provided through the reputed Stanford University also adds the authoritative edge to the course and enhance its credibility.
  • If you are looking for starting your beginner journey and graduating to the edge of the intermediate level then this course is the best choice for you.
  • There are 5-8 weekly readings and media materials.
  • It comes with the both free and paid option where you need to pay only you want to acquire the certificate.
  • If you want to dive deeper in the background and strategic structure f AI then this course could be the best fit for you.

Google’s Free Machine Learning Course

The competency of Google’s Free Machine Learning Course can be understood by the fact that (apart from being offered by Google itself) this course is a compulsory requirement for every Google engine!While it is important for you to know about the concepts of math you don’t need any advanced mathematics knowledge in order to understand this course.

  • This could be the classic example of presenting the best crash course on ML in a natural language without using too many complex technical jargons.
  • Whether you want to start with some basic practical approach or just need to clear the fundamental concepts on AI this course could be the best asset for you due to its authorized ad high-quality material.
  • The people with the technical proficiency would get a better advantage by in-depth learning of all the technical point but the structure of the course is also friendly for the beginner who can just apply the easy, wider approach to grasp the fundamentals.
  • This wholesome course touches diverse major aspects of ML and its total length is 15 hours


AI or Artificial Intelligence is gaining worldwide popularity across the globe. While many people would love to know more about the technology they have a notion that joining AI courses or learning more about the underlying technology behind AI is a very complicated task that requires a full-time commitment and excellent technical background. Thankfully, today there are a number of online resources and platforms that will help you to gain better knowledge about AI by offering you the in-depth knowledge in an easy to understand, beginner-friendly language. In this blog we have talked about 7 such platforms, blogs and courses that will help you learn AI and even allow you to build your own AI applications for general as well as more specific tasks.

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