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6 Valuable Advantages of Salesforce Testing

When it comes to software initiatives, time and money constraints sometimes drive developers to pass over quality assurance and testing for Salesforce. If the problems are not solved, the project’s ongoing maintenance costs can go up, or even worse, the project might be scrapped entirely. When automated testing is employed, testing productivity is increased, money is saved, and the overall cost of the project is substantially reduced. Because of this, the majority of big businesses that utilise Salesforce favour making use of automation testing.

The Benefits of Using Automated Tests in Salesforce

  • Improvement of Productivity while Maintaining a Focus on Conserving Resources

Testing by hand takes a significant amount of time and effort on the part of people, which may slow down associated duties such as the reporting and tracking of test results and the reporting of bugs. When testing is done manually, there is a greater potential for errors to arise due to human error. The use of automated testing in Salesforce, on the other hand, has the potential to significantly cut down the amount of time required to finish a project.

  • Cost Reductions for the Organization –

You will be able to execute the tests more often with a reduced number of personnel monitoring the system as soon as your automated testing scripts are ready to go. Businesses can save costs and make the most of their resources by making use of Salesforce’s automated testing capabilities. Productivity has been increasing despite the decrease in available funds for the project.

  • Increased Efficiency in the Hunt for Errors

Because of automation, teams responsible for software testing are now able to easily log any defects they discover in Salesforce. They can ensure that all aspects of their organisation will function properly as a result of this since the sooner a flaw is identified, the sooner it can be fixed.

  • Written Reports on the Results of the Tests –

After the conclusion of each step of testing, automatic snapshots and records of failed output are generated. These images provide a timestamp that indicates when the tests were executed, which makes it much simpler to determine when an issue first manifested itself.

  • Your Investment Producing a Greater Rate of Return on It –

Automation testing may increase the return on investment for your firm in several ways, including making testing more efficient, reducing the amount of human labour required, and producing findings that are free of errors. The return on investment (ROI) is improved as a result of the time, effort, and resources that are saved during testing.

  • Perspectives of the Participants –

When using automated testing, stakeholders have a better chance of receiving trustworthy data on prospective test outcomes and the results of tests. Stakeholders can see the findings of the most recent automated test, which provides them with the information necessary to make educated decisions on the future of the firm.

The use of automated testing is recommended since it is more effective, requires less time overall, is less expensive, and delivers more consistent conclusions. Testing with various users and profiles is a method that has been established by professionals as a means of carrying out the same test with a variety of users without the need to write multiple scripts.


The use of automated testing in Salesforce with the assistance of Opkey will release testing resources, allowing those resources to be allocated to other strategic endeavours. Our highly knowledgeable Salesforce staff prefers to automate their work using Selenium rather than any other technology. Make sure that your company’s move to Salesforce goes as smoothly as possible by getting in touch with us so that you may take advantage of our testing experience.



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