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5 Ways To Get The Best FIFA 23 Playing Experience In 2022

It is undeniable that Football has taken over the globe, even surpassing the well-loved Baseball and Basketball in popularity. The sport took over acclaim in the high attendance of its spectators and in the viewership on screen. It has not only dominated the screens through viewership but also in the field of gaming. The FIFA series of EA sports is unrivaled in producing the most authentic gaming experience for world football for over two decades.


It is then no surprise that the release of FIFA 23 this 2022 is one of the most sought-after game releases of its kind. The game is to be released across different devices including PCs, Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox. It is said to be the last installment of the EA Sports FIFA franchise and is expected to be the best one. Here are some of the best tips for you to get the most out of your FIFA 23 Xbox gaming experience.


  1. Upgrade your Gaming

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Much like any new game, FIFA 23 boasts of all new features that will excite prevailing fans and new gamers alike. The much-anticipated last game for the EA FIFA branding series stars the addition of the Women’s Super League, the World Cup 2022 for both men and women, and a whole new technology showcasing more animations in the Hypermotion 2 Technology. The new technology promises to be more powerful and more realistic than the previous version, providing for a better and more legitimate gaming experience.


The newest FIFA installment has also finally added cross-platform play between consoles, wherein Xbox players can now play with their Playstation player counterparts, but only those consoles in their respective generations.


FIFA 23 has no doubt upgraded its game features which is why it’s time to get upgrades of your own using FIFA 23 coins for Xbox. FIFA 23 Coins give you access to better build squads, upgrade teams, and even purchase players. It helps you in FUT pack opening to get the most out of your FIFA 23 and for a more enjoyable playing experience.

  1. Usher in Refreshments

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What’s a good Xbox gaming session without a few drinks and snacks? Keep your favorite chips, crackers, and other snacks close by for an uninterrupted playing experience. You may even add in your drinks of choice to complete the array of options. 


It is an intense game and likely a grueling one too, keeping your blood sugars on a healthy level will keep you in top shape and sustain you throughout a gaming marathon. On the other hand, sodas, juices, and even beer will help keep your thirst quenched while you play your way to winning the World Cup.


It’s best to buy your choice of chips and crisps, and order your favorite comfort food and drinks before you start your tourney. Nothing dulls an otherwise heated match than a doorbell suddenly ringing for you to claim your orders.

  1. Set the Mood

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Turn those lights low and draw those curtains closed. Let yourself only focus on your opponent and the crowd of thousands cheering for their team of choice. Nothing else should matter but you and the game. 


Dim lights and the absence of distractions from the outside can help you drone out all other noise and get you more immersed in your game. It would be a shame to be distracted from the thoughtfully-crafted last installment of the EA FIFA franchise.

  1. Keep it Organized

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Much like getting the best lighting conditions, it’s also essential for you to free yourself from visual clutter. Make sure to have a place for everything gaming-related and to keep your gaming paraphernalia in its proper homes when it’s not in use. For instance, a measly hanger hook for your gaming headphones is something you will not think of needing but is actually a widely underrated organizing and gaming accessory.


You should also have a safe place for your console and controllers to keep it from falling or getting sat on and damaged. A designated shelf or container will also help you to easily access your gaming accessories when you need them. You’ll surely thank yourself when getting ready for a game of FIFA 23 is as seamless as reaching for the remote and turning on the TV.

  1. Turn it into a Party

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Happiness shared is doubled, and happiness brought by FIFA 23 is worth doubling. It’s good to play FIFA 23 on your own and best yourself every time but making it a friendly competition upgrades the fun factor. 


You can play against your family and friends for fun light-hearted matches, or even up the stakes by playing for glory or even a prize. Bets can also further spice up an already exciting experience. You can even invite your friends over for a gaming party incorporating the food, refreshments, and lighting to get the most out of the experience. Shouts and yells of other players can perfectly mirror those of the game’s crowd. It’s one of the best ways to honor the social sport which is football.



The end of the EA Sports FIFA era brings the best of its best features to its last FIFA game, the FIFA 23. Any long-time avid fan or new gamer will be amazed by its technologically-advanced features and authentic gameplay. Getting the most out of the gaming experience is the best way to celebrate FIFA 23 and give tribute to an outstanding game series.



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