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5 Top Things to Keep in Mind as You Design Your Dream Café

Coffee shops and cafes are not just a luxury as you move towards a faster lifestyle. They are slowly yet steadily turning into necessities for millions of people worldwide. As such, planning and building a café from scratch can be overwhelming. The design and café fit-outs must be proper to ensure that the space looks just like you imagined – excellent!


So, if you have a space for a cafe or are planning to build one, you are at the right place. Read on to get enlightened about the top points to consider during your café design.

1.     The Floor Plan Holds Utmost Importance

Café fit-outs must involve a comprehensive floor plan containing the production area for food, space for all the visitors, storage areas, and much more. And these floor areas must be designed with various equipment according to their suitability.


You should also ensure that the area is adequately cleaned and sanitised. The smell in and around the café must be pleasing and good.

2.     Accessibility

Have you ever been to a cafe where everything seemed far off? If yes, the café designers might not have considered accessibility before building the café. Each point of the cafe, including the entry point, the seating area, order placing, and the reception area, must all be placed in an accessible manner. Besides, the tables in the café must have the required space between them. Additionally, their height from the ground must also be appropriate to avoid discomfort.

3.     The Concept of the Café

You should consider the concept and theme of your café before you buy the area. Factors such as the pricing, the different dishes that one can expect, and whether the café is close to the university campus or is it just another spot for the affluent class to have dinners should be answered through the place’s vibe.

With the concept changing, the visitor’s and customer’s expectations will also alter. As such, you can let the café interior designer know about the nitty-gritty of your needs and work these things out.

4.     Lighting

It would help if you chose lighting after a fair trial and testing, and this will allow you to see how it feels and looks. It is to be noted that lighting can also affect the colours in your café area and the look of the food served.

For instance, you can opt for warm lighting if you don’t want the food to take centre stage and be at the focal point. Whereas, always go for excellent lighting if you want the food to be presented exceptionally well.

5.     Colours

Colour is always a defining factor for whichever place you go, especially in a café. Research shows that these colours affect human psychology like nothing else! So go through the possible options for colours and see how your customers react to them.

There is no wrong in using some different colours, but it is recommended to not go for purple and blue. Why? Well, these colours never occur in food, so the human body doesn’t respond to buying things to eat unless you are already hungry.

Along with these pointers, keep in mind that the ambience, acoustics, and homeyness make a lot of difference. And if you want to build a wonderful café, a strong recommendation would be to look at things from a customer’s perspective. By doing so, you will instantly find the answer if any changes and additions need to be made to your café.


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