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5 Tips for General Home Upkeep

5 Tips for General Home Upkeep

Ensure Your Home Remains an Outstanding Investment by Maintaining It Well

For many Americans, the most important investment we can make is in a home. Regardless of the fluctuations of the market, home values tend to trend upward. Therefore, doing all you can to maintain your investment is essential for a high resale price.

There are several chores and services you can perform or have performed at your home to ensure that your house remains valuable over time. Here are the five most important tips you should heed if you’re looking to keep your home in great condition.

  • Maintaining Your HVAC System

All homes require an HVAC system for maximum comfort and clean air. You should have your HVAC system maintained twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall – before the hottest and coldest months begin. This way, your system will be optimized before it performs its most strenuous work. What’s more, you have a professional keeping an eye on any parts that need to be repaired or replaced, before smaller issues turn into big ones. 

  • Keeping an Eye on Your Foundation

Another essential part of your home is the foundation. The foundation is the structure that keeps your home sturdy and stable, and prevents water, pests, and insects from getting in. New homeowners often want to have their foundations checked before purchasing, because they don’t want to be left in the lurch with a leaky basement, cold air drafts, or even – in the worst case scenario – foundation failure. Signs of foundation heave can also indicate that there might be serious issues that need to be addressed promptly. Keeping an eye on your foundation is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Foundation heave, which is the upward movement of the foundation due to soil expansion, can cause significant damage if not detected early.  

Therefore, it is always important to have a foundation repair expert take a look if you’re noticing that walls are shifting, there are cracks in the walls, or if you’ve observed water in the basement. 

  • Have Your Roof Checked

As you’re likely beginning to see, your house is a lot like your car. Cars should receive scheduled maintenance checks every so often to ensure that it lasts as long as it is supposed to. Cars that get these maintenance checks keep running year after year with minimal repairs. You want the same for your home, so be sure you’re also scheduling necessary check-ups in important parts of the home. The roof is absolutely one of these areas, as it keeps your house insulated and dry. Many roof companies will offer a free inspection, and recommend their keen eye once every two years, unless, of course, you’ve noticed any signs of damage in your attic or on your exterior before then.

  • Landscaping, Lawn, and Leaves

While we’re not advocating for some sort of ornamental landscaping, making sure that brush, trees, bushes, and weeds aren’t growing wild in your yard is important. First, you don’t want this vegetation touching your home, as it introduces moisture, insects, and pests. Additionally, part of being a homeowner is being a good neighbor. Your home doesn’t need to be perfect or in competition with others, but ensuring that you don’t have overgrown weeds or leaves that spread into others’ yards is an essential upkeep pointer to keep in mind.

Having a burnt-out or dead lawn may not be the most appealing first impression for new homeowners, either. While you don’t have to overwater your yard and use precious resources, you can still maintain your yard beautifully with effective, targeted watering, fertilizer, and seeding. In addition, you can rely on natural elements such as rain and mulched leaves to restore your lawn after hot summers. 

  • Deep-Clean Your Home at Least Twice a Month

Keeping your home clean isn’t just something you do for guests. Making sure to wash floors, vacuum, dust, and scour your bathroom (and more) is important to maintaining the health of your home. When dirt and grime build up, what seems like a nuisance can actually damage your home over time. Imagine letting grime build up in toilets, sinks, and tubs. This can eventually harm your plumbing, which is an expense you can avoid with simple elbow grease. 

Additionally, what may start as a tiny piece of salad on the floor of your kitchen can add up to a very appealing snack for pests and insects if you don’t sweep regularly. You obviously don’t want these, and neither do potential homeowners down the road when you sell. Further, cleaning your home brings self-esteem and pride in your living space. You’ll be more likely to feel motivated to tackle other projects if you can keep your home reasonably clean. 

These Tips Can Ensure Your Investment Remains Valuable

Following these tips will help you keep your home fresh, healthy, and in great condition. The sense of pride in knowing you’ve cared for your home is priceless, but you’ll certainly also attract the interest of buyers, and that’s exactly what you want: a home you can enjoy, and – when you’re ready to move on – a home that keeps on giving.




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