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5 reasons to use a VPN every day

In recent years, a large portion of the population has taken to using mainstream VPNs. Although it is a paid service in the form of a subscription in most cases, its use has become very common! Do you know why ? To answer this question, we invite you to discover the 5 main reasons to use a iTop VPN on a daily basis.

5 reasons to use a VPN

This article will shed light on the subject of VPNs since it is not uncommon to find people who wonder about the advantages of using a VPN for personal use! Besides, if you want to try the experience you can try iTop VPN.

1 – Change its location:

when you activate your provider’s VPN, you can choose a VPN server located in a country different from your country of origin. For example, if you are abroad, you can use a VPN server located in France to browse the Internet with a French IP address.

2 – Hide your identity on the Internet:

Even if this advantage can make you dream, do not think that you will be totally incognito! In fact, when you activate the VPN, you browse the Internet using the public IP address of the VPN server you are connected to. The service you are connecting to will not be able to trace your machine or retrieve the public IP address of the box you have at home you can easily iTop VPN للكمبيوتر. You have to behave consistently, because if you activate the VPN but you browse the Internet while logged into your Google account, the American company will not hesitate to log your searches, etc

3 – Use a public WiFi network in complete safety:

when you travel often and you are used to connecting to the WiFi network of a station, a restaurant, or even a hotel, you connect often on a public WiFi network. A network of which we do not know the level of security, and above all, we do not know who is also connected to this network. A malicious person could try to capture network traffic to recover sensitive information! By connecting to a VPN, a tunnel is established between your computer (or smartphone, tablet, etc.) and your provider’s VPN server: all data passing through this tunnel is encrypted. Thus, the VPN makes it possible to use the public WiFi network in complete safety.

4 – Bypass geographical restrictions: certain services are only accessible in certain countries.

5 – Bypass the restrictions related to a connection: I tell you nothing if I tell you that certain connections are restricted, that is to say that certain sites, services, or certain categories of sites and services can be blocked. At home, you could say it’s open-bar, but in other environments it’s not always the case! By enabling the VPN, you can bypass these restrictions unless the VPN is not working: some firewalls are able to detect and block VPNs to prevent you from circumventing the security policy.


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