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12 Best Ways to get affordable Lego Sets

Lego sets are a classic toy that never seems to go out of style. While they can be expensive, there are ways to get affordable Lego sets. Here are 8 great tips!

Check for sales:

Many toy stores will have periodic sales on Lego sets. This is a great time to stock up!

Compare prices online:

A few clicks can help you find the best deal on that must-have set.

Join a Lego club:

Some clubs offer discounted prices on sets, as well as exclusive sets that aren’t available to the general public.Visit

Use coupons:

You can often find coupons for Lego sets in store circulars or online.

Buy used:

Buying used Lego sets can be a great way to get them at a fraction of the cost. However, be sure to inspect them carefully first to make sure all pieces are accounted for.

Trade or sell unwanted sets:

If you have Lego sets that you no longer want, consider trading them with friends or selling them online.

Get creative:

Don’t be afraid to get creative and make your own Lego sets! There are endless possibilities.

Check the clearance aisle:

The clearance aisle is always a great place to find deep discounts on all sorts of items-including Lego sets!

Join a bricks club:

You can get access to rare lego sets and also save money on purchases.

Use a price tracker:

You can get alerted when prices drop on the lego set you’re looking for. This way, you’ll never overpay!

Get a lego subscription box:

This is a great way to get new legos sets every month without having to go out and search for them. Plus, you’ll usually get a discount on your first box.

Follow lego on social media:

Lego often has giveaways and contests with prizes like free lego sets. So, it’s worth following them on social media to stay in the know.

With these tips, you’re sure to find affordable Lego sets that will keep your kids (or yourself!) entertained for hours on end. Happy building!

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