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10 Ways How eResource Scheduler Resolves Resource Management Challenges

As an organization, you have to use various resources such as equipment and tools, facilities, employees, contractors, and finances to achieve your business goals. Having said that, one of the most important resources out of this is human resources or your team members. Thus, managing this very valuable resource efficiently is of utmost importance. So, the question is: how you can enhance your resource management strategy so that you can efficiently assign projects to the available resources at hand? If you know the accurate utilization of each resource, you can optimize them well and your resource planning and allocation become seamless. The first step is to find the right resources for the job at the right time. Additionally, ensuring that those resources are happy and utilizing their skills optimally builds a competent team. However, there are many resource management challenges such as incorrect hiring, under or overallocation, burn-out, etc. which become the reasons for projects and businesses to fail. The right resource management tool helps to resolve the challenges and streamline your processes.

eResource Scheduler is an Answer to all Resource Management Challenges 

  • The drag and drop feature enables detailed planning

A unique feature of the top-rated resource management tool, eResource Scheduler, is its drag and drop functionality. You can simply drag a resource and drop it to the project, date, or slot you want to for when you are assigning work. Other features of this tool such as extend-shorten and precise split also help to make the resource planning and allocation process very simple for you. This configurable, cloud-based resource management tool designs billability and Gantt charts that come in handy for drilling-down tasks and projects and finding resource availability for a specific resource. The drag and drop features help you in doing efficient resource planning and allocation for multiple projects in much lesser time and with ease. 

  • Comprehensive reports on resource availability

One of the major resource management challenges stems from the fact that project managers do not have clear visibility on resource availability. They end up doing resource planning and allocation without finding which resource is working on what project, when, and when will they have the bandwidth for new projects. Resource availability reports by eResource Scheduler give you visibility on the overall capacity and resource schedule clarifying which person is available for which project. A team member could be partially or fully available. However, as a project manager, you should aim to optimally utilize every person. If you don’t have insights into the available data, then you may over-or under-allocate some team members. 

  1. Multiple advanced filters provide precise data required

eResource Scheduler is a leading resource management tool that offers you a resource scheduling chart that has a resource, role, and project view. You can use various filters for identifying who can be the best person for a task or role in terms of qualification, experience, interest, etc. If your team is spread across various geographies or in different time zones, they would use different calendars. In that case, too, eResource Scheduler can be your best bet to view the details about team members like their utilization, availability, and personal leaves on the tool’s scheduling chart. 

  • Align the most fitting and suitable resources to the right job

With the filters, you can build a project’s team as per the skill set and expertise needed for a particular project. In some scenarios, you may not be able to find full-time resources with the competencies you need. Then, you can consider hiring contractual employees or freelancers. For managing to do detailed resource planning and allocation, you need to do tasks like determining roles needed in a team, finalizing budgets, deciding policies and procedures, contracts, etc. Besides, you should align your project to the suitable resources that would be able to deliver the project in the given time. But before proceeding ahead, you should check that person’s availability as per the project timelines. A resource management tool such as eResource Scheduler helps to create to do all this with ease while resolving resource management challenges.

  1. Real-Time resource utilization reports

Getting accurate resource utilization data can enable project managers to make sure that no employee is overallocated or under-utilized. When you know how many hours your team members are spending in productive and non-productive work and who all are busy and who has time available, then it is easy to distribute work fairly between your team. eResource Scheduler is a resource management software that accurately calculates resource utilization for each of your projects, people, and locations. You can easily pull out such data for a single resource or entire team in just a few clicks. All this utilization information is updated in the system in real-time, which means when some new work is assigned to a resource, or some employee completes a project and has the bandwidth, the tool is updated and displays this information instantly.

  • An intuitive scheduling interface enables you to adapt to dynamic resource challenges 

While managing your resources, you need to address challenges such as slower turnaround, sudden and unplanned leaves, new stakeholder requests, etc. A tool like eResource Scheduler instantly shows you the impact of any adjustments you make in your plan or schedule. You also gain a detailed view that stretches across the project timeline. Thus, you can easily find where you can remove, reassign, or add any resources. You can make amendments to the drag-and-drop scheduling interface of this tool and all changes are reflected in real-time. This helps you to check the impact of all the amendments and make sure that you have balanced workload distribution and optimal utilization. 

  • Capacity planning

Do you think all your team members utilize 100 % of their time productively? No, that’s not realistic. There are many non-productive tasks like many redundant meetings, replying to e-mails, taking breaks, talking to your colleagues, etc. that bring down the overall productivity. Besides that, sick leaves, vacations, etc. can add to it. So, how can you plan resources at full capacity? A resource management solution such as eResource Scheduler helps you monitor and calculate utilization, and productivity in real-time, and keeps a tab on the capacity of your individual resources and entire team realistically. Therefore, to plan accurately, it’s important to know which team members are working on what capacity and who are the ones who have some capacity. This information also helps to resolve resource management challenges and make well-informed hiring decisions.

  • Visual dashboards to forecast accurately for future

You require precise data for effective resource management. With an AI-enabled and configurable tool like eResource Scheduler, you get visual and easy-to-understand dashboards. These dashboards display all the important information or data that is helpful in one single screen. These widgets showcase data in different units and scales as per the requirement. An added advantage is that these dashboards are updated in real-time and offer key information like resource utilization, availability, capacity, availability, project status, etc. These dashboards also highlight any challenges or loopholes that might require attention. That’s not all. The tool also allows you to do demand forecasting and get the right people and talent onboard just in time. 

  • Resource overload notification feature

eResource Scheduler is an award-winning, multi-user resource management software that automatically tracks if any team member is overallocated more than the capacity. If this happens, the software displays a resource overload warning. It also tells you how much is the overload in hours, and also in percentage. According to that, you can make a decision whether to carry on with that booking or cancel it. This feature enables you to keep a track of all bookings and prevent overallocation.

  1. User access can be granted as per roles or need to know basis

eResource Scheduler is a sophisticated resource planning and allocation tool, which offers its users access rights based on their roles and requirements. The user rights functionality ensures that only those people are able to view and/or update data who have the right to do so. For example, a project manager may have the right to review or edit some files, but the team members may be able to simply view it. User rights can be granted at the resource, project, or any other level such as as per the project manager, team, location, department, etc.

Resolve Your Resource Management Challenges with Leading Resource Management Software – eResource Scheduler

Do you aim to avert any project delays, overallocation, incorrect hiring, and dissatisfied customers? Streamline your resource management processes with the right software. Choose the top-rated resource planning and allocation software, eResource Scheduler, to manage accurate staffing, balanced work allocation, and get the best-fit employees for your projects. eResource Scheduler also provides real-time visibility of organization-wide projects, employees, and status, while raising your resource utilization from 18 to 30%. It also aids in load levelling across resources and helps with perfect scheduling estimations that are based on previous actuals. Draft your hiring plans that are based on shortages or excesses. This cloud-based software also helps you to lower the bench-time and augment your overall revenue. So, to nail a flawless resource plan, book for a free trial of this tool and try it before you buy it.


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