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How Poor Online Security Can Damage Your Business

Online security can be a potential minefield. If you do not know what you are doing or do not bother to take precautions to guard your business, you stand a very real chance of becoming a victim of cybercrime. 

For that reason, here is why it is a good idea to get your online security sorted out and your business protected in the best possible way that you can.

#1 It could damage your businesses reputation

Every business relies heavily on its reputation not only of its customers but also of the businesses that surround it both physically and within the same sector. Indeed, there are many that say that reputation is everything.

For instance, reputation can not only affect a customer’s decision to make purchases from a business, but it can also define its employees and the difference between being able to pick and choose between the best possible candidates for the job role and just having to employ the few that actually seek a job within it due to it being the only business that will employ them.

#2 You’ll lose customer confidence

Losing customer confidence is a very hard lesson learned. Once a customer has lost their confidence within a business, it will be hard work for that business to gain that customer back again, and it will not stop there.

Indeed, that customer will go out of their way to inform others of what has happened to them as a result of the aforementioned business (a sort of reverse ‘word of mouth’ recommendation), and you will find that your business will take a steep decline within the customer base and the orders placed.

#3 It can affect your sales and your bottom line

As mentioned briefly above, bad online security can affect your sales due to loss of customer confidence, but it can also happen with cyberattacks as well. Having the perpetrator strip your business of sensitive data or cause your software and hardware to fail can cost time and money when it comes to getting it back up online again.

Of course, this scenario could well happen from your business being hacked, but it can also happen due to data leaks or data breach. There is a marked difference between a data leak and a data breach, as noted in this article put together by Proofpoint. However, both can be prevented, and there is more about this within the article as well.

#4 It can potentially end your business

As you can probably imagine, if you end up in a lawsuit due to leaked sensitive customer information, or if your business is totally unrecoverable due to the way in which it has been attacked by the perpetrator, your business could very well end up forfeited and in bankruptcy.

This, of course, is the most extreme outcome of having poor online security, but it does, in fact, happen more often than you think.

However, on the upside, there are plenty of cybersecurity businesses that employ experts that will be able to help you make your business as secure as possible, and not only from the point of view of the cybercriminals that are always looking for an easy way in but from the point of view of training your employees so that they can put wheels in motion should your business fall victim to an attack to minimalize the damage caused therein.


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